Historical Battlefields of Turkey

The Tourism Geography of the Battlefields of Turkish Independence War (1921–1922), a Master's Thesis by A. Serhan Güngör, Istanbul University, 2010 (in Turkish).

This thesis studies the locations of the battles of the Turkish Independence War.

Battlefield tourism is new to Turkish tourism industry. This study provides a brief introduction to the concept of battlefield tourism and the practices in Turkey.

This thesis provides insight into the historical events and their locations and the current conditions of these locations so as to guide travelers within the framework of tourism geography. Extensive field research is supported with historical sources and memoires to match the events with places.

Within the described historical era and geographical area; the current conditions, monuments, cemeteries and museums of the İnönü Battles (1921), the Sakarya Pitched Battle (1921), the Great Attack and the Commander in Chief Pitched Battle (1922) are individually studied.

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